Mod Review: Aeons of Death (DOOM)

When you talk about Doom mods, what comes up in your mind. Brutal Doom, Reelism, Pirate Doom and Hentai Doom. There is a wide variety of mods that you can play around with even to this very day. People are still making mods for this almost 2 and a half decade old game and it is amazing. But the mod I am talking about today is Aeons of Death, developed by DBThanatos who has now made the fantastic D4D (Doom 4 Doom) that takes the latest Doom from this year and ports it to the original game that started it all. I would like to talk about this in a greater extent but right now let’s take a look at DBThanatos’ previous work: Aeons of Death.

Aeons of Death is a mod that combines all the weapons, enemies and powerups from other games like Quake, Hexen, Duke Nukem and even more modern ones like Half-life 2, Bulletstorm and Painkiller, all into one game and it is very fun, even if it is hard at times.

Here is the trailer for the latest version (as of now):

The gameplay starts with you and 3 starter weapons, which is a regular pistol, a fire staff and the blaster (you will probably get use to the blaster as it is the more powerful of the 3.) You get more weapons along the way that makes the weapons you start out with pale in comparason. You will get your hands on a shotgun, crossbow, assault rifle, minigun, rocket launcher, a landmine launcher, a plasma gun, various staffs and even more powerful weapons at your disposal. The real catch here is that the weapons you recieve are random, sometimes you get weapons that are powerful and some that are about as useful as a phone with no credit.

The randomness effect of this mod also effect the enemies, you will see enemies from a wide variety of games and it is very unpredictable on who you are gonna face and it is going to be very chaotic at times. Some of the enemies that replace the boss enemies from Doom like the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind drop additional weapons that can not be found through normal means. These weapons do tons of damage to small enemies and even the larger ones.Not all things are randomly effected however, as the placement of weapons, items and powerups are usually intact (as it is for a mod of an existing game or fanmade maps).

Some powerups are used as toggle items, items like medikits, runes, and many more can be selected with the [ and ] keys and activate with the enter key. There is also a wide variety of game modes like a ‘Left 4 Dead’ style game mode where just like the game that is based on, you battle hundreds and hundreds of zombies in reguler Doom maps. There is also the ability to rearrange the enemies, items and powerups by making these only from a single game. So let’s say I only want things from Duke Nukem 3D or Quake to appear in the game, I’ll go to options and change it the way I want it to. I never use this but it’s good for people who want to get some milage out of this mod.

Like in Painkiller, if you collect 666 souls from fallen enemies, the screen will go green and you will enter in a rampage mode where you click on an enemy, that will explode into tiny pieces. It can kill larger enemies in 1 or 2 hits so it is a very OP weapon but you won’t get your hands on it forever so try your best to use it wisely. However, when you collect the last soul, it will go to this rampage mode automatically, even if there are no enemies present. There is a rare occasion that this power will randomly spawn in some areas that have the invincibility sphere.

Variety is the keyword when you talk about this mod, as this mod has alot of things to play around with. This can be overwhelming for some but for me i’m fine with it as I think this mod is awesome. The usual complaint I hear about this mod, because of the randomness effect of the weapons, items, powerups and enemies, the mod can be very hard, unfairly hard at times, and very chaotic and yeah it can be unfairly hard at times but I really didn’t really mind that as I am having a very good time with this. There is also another complaint about this mod is that because this mod rip so many sprites from other games, it makes the mod unoriginal in a sense, I really don’t mine that either as I am not hungry for originality as some people are. If it clicks with me in some or every aspect, I am gonna love it, it’s how I am. If you’re curious and want to try the mod out, you will need a copy of the Doom WAD file (whether it’s Doom, Doom II or Final Doom) and a source port, I recommend the latest version of GZDoom.

Doom Classics Collection:

Link to GZDoom:

Aeons of Death:

Thanks for reading!


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