Production Job Titles & Technical Terms

  1. Floor Manager – They ensure presenters and guest meet their cues and the programme runs smoothly.
  2. Grip – A grip that moves a dolly and must create smooth movements that do not distreat from the onscreen.
  3. Boom Operator – They assist the production sound mixer on film and television sets, and operator the boom microphone.
  4. Focus Puller – an assistant to a film or television cameraman, who is responsible for keeping the lens focused during filming.
  5. Downloader – someone who downloads things from the internet.


  1. Foley – relating to or concerned with the addition of recorded sound effects after the shooting of a film.
  2. Vox Pops – popular opinion as represented by informal comments from members of the public, especially when broadcast or published.
  3. Jib – the projecting arm of a crane.
  4. Boom – a loud, deep, resonant sound.
  5. Rushes – move with urgent haste.

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