Graphic Design Learning Outcome 3

What I learned in this outcome:

  • I learned about different logos and movie posters and how they represent the company and the product.
  • I learned about the design process that goes in these logos. These are:
  1. Brief – The meeting with the graphic designer and the client.
  2. Research – Researching different things to get ideas from.
  3. Brainstorming – Exploring creative solutions to the communication problem.
  4. Thumbnails – Rough sketches
  5. Development of Ideas – Take what worked from the thumbnail and roll with it.
  6. Client Presentation – They present the ideas to the client.
  7. Preperation of Finished Artwork – They start preparing the final product.
  • I learned about typography, the likes of sarifs, kerning, tracking, leading, gutter, margin.
  • There is also the principal of design to make the logo more fleshed out and detailed.
  • There is also the colour theory to make the logo flashy and cool looking.
  • Finally, there is the elements of design to make the logo decently sized.
  • I learned about the positive and negative attributes of logos that will effect how a certain product is sold.

Here are some of my favourites:


I like this because it tells you that this guy is the most badass dude on the planet, he is shown battling demons from hell and back.


I like this cover because it’s so bloody and gross, just like a downward spiral of depression where you kill yourself in the end. Also the black thing looks like a scribbled fist.


I like this movie poster because it shows the family and friends having a great time but the fox in the suit causes mishap with the farmers and they’re trying to kill the fox and family.


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