Media Expression Learning Outcome 2 – Audience Overview


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What I learned in this outcome:

  • I learned about some of the most popular TV and radio stations and I list some local irish radio stations.

Those being

For TV:

  1. RTE one and Two
  2. TV3
  3. UTV
  4. TG4
  5. Sky Sports


For Radio Stations:

  1. RTE Radio 1
  2. FM 104
  3. Today FM
  4. News Talk
  5. 2 FM


  • I learned about the total presentage of Irish people that watch TV and listen to radio everyday.
  1. 83% of Irish adults listen to the radio on an average day.
  2. 24% of Irish adults listen to RTE Radio 1.
  3. 12% of Irish adults listen to Today FM.
  • I learned about the top 5 programmes of both RTE one and RTE Two.

Those being:

For RTE One:

  1. The Sunday Game Live
  2. The Late Late Show
  3. RTE News: Six One
  4. RTE News: Nine O’Clock
  5. Nuacht

For RTE Two:

  1. Home and Away
  2. Natural World
  3. Catch me If you can
  4. Cant Cope wont cope.
  5. The Sunday Game.
  • I learned about the different programmes that are on at different times of the day.

In the morning, it is usually the Morning show.

In the daytime, it’s usually chat shows and light entertainment

In the nighttime, it’s usually the big shows.


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