Media Expression Learning Outcome 3 – Production Methods.




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What I learned in this learning outcome:

  • I learned about the different stages of production that all tv and movies would go through
  1. Pre-production – Where you plan your film or TV show.
  2. Production – Record the audio video for the film or TV show.
  3. Post-Production – Editing the footage and audio for the film  or TV show.
  • I learned about the diffrent terminologies of film production. I listed out 10 production job titles and state the definition of the job title. Same thing goes for the Technical terms but 20 instead of 10.
  • I learned about the different camera techniques and different camera equipment.
  • Speaking of film equipment, I learned about the different equipment that the crew member uses to make the films.
  • I learned about the importance of sound in films and TV shows.

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