Graphic Design Learning Outcome 10

We have learned to use InDesign. We used various tools to make a postcard for a design talk at an art cafe in San Fransisco. The tools we used are:

Kerning – To space out letters (single-letters only)

Tracking – To space out letters (whole paragraph)

Leading – To space out the line under the words

Select tool – To select and to move selected objects

Type tool – To type out words and to adjust them to your liking

Rectangle Tool – To create rectangles and squares

Polygon tool – To create triangles and more sided shapes

Printer Marks – The colours on the top of the postcard on both sides

PDF – a document file

This is the final product:

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 09.49.22.png


We have gotten help from this link:


Graphic Design Learning Outcome 8

I have learned different techniques and different tools to use with Photoshop. We had to download a sample picture on the Adobe website to get us started. It was a picture of Norway and we had to streighten it and crop it to a certain degree, improve the lighting and remove some unwanted objects. We used tools such as the crop tool (which adjust the picture height and width), the spot healing brush tool (which removes the uncecessary objects in the picture) and adjusted the contrast and brightness (which just makes the picture more colour balanced) to the picture. We also added blur to give the photo a bit of flare.

This is what it looked like before:


Image from

This is what it looked like when we edit it a bit in Photoshop:


Remade image from


Learning Outcome 6 – Digital Media Technology and the creation of an online identity


Image from

An online identity is your identity on the internet.

You have to use one for identification on a particular site that allows registaring for an account.

You have to use one for online shops like Amazon and eBay so they know where to deliver the product.

You have to use one for a job seeking website so the employers know who are they interviewing.

Social Media Optimization is something that businessess use to make their products more popular.

Social Media marketing is important because it allows the business to drive more traffic to what they are selling.

Here is a video about the different laws of socual media marketing that you need to know if you want to promote a business online. I find this interesting because the video show what not to do when promoting or running a business online.

Learning Outcome 4 – Pre-production, Production and Post-Production stages

Disclaimer: This was a team excercise for making mock cells for a made up story.

2-Man Battle 

Dark Alleyway – London

scene 1+2.jpg

Image taken from The Dark Knight Rises, Dark Allyway taken from, Rat taken from

Scene 1

Guy walks down a dark alleyway. Jack Johnson, aka ‘The Rat’ attacks the guy who is walking down the alleyway but the person who is getting attacked is John Hanson, aka ‘The Muscle’. John Hanson suddenly gets a flashback of his parents who got killed by vicious rats controlled by the Rat Man.

Scene 2

John’s rage gets stronger after the flashback of his parents death. His muscles double in strength and size. The Rat suddenly remembers who this man is and trembles for a split second, and the muscle stares into his eyes and says you’ll pay.

scene 3.jpg

Scene 3

The rat man and the muscle clash into battle. The rat then sends his rats to aid him. As the rats attack him he then remembers the rats covering and killing his parents. As he’s being attacked he drops to his knees and as the rage in him increases he then stands up and screams in rage and stretched his body out which causes them to fly in different directions.

scene 4.jpg

Scene 4

As rat man throws the first punch at muscle man. But as his fist makes impact on his jaw rat man shatters the bones in his fist. Then muscle man grabs him up by the neck and punches him repeatedly in the stomach. As he about to bring the finishing blow he then stops and realizes if he kills rat man he is no better than him. He then drops rat man on the ground. Rat man says why didn’t you kill me. Muscle man replies because I’m not like you. Suddenly rat man calls his rat minions to attack muscle man once again. Muscle man eventually gets drops to his knees and then gets back up and he looks around and rat man has disappeared, Rat man lives to fight another day.

Learning Outcome 3 – Digital Media Technology and it’s impact on the business environment


Image from

There are 3 major changes in computers since they were first created:

  1. Software was available on Floppy discs, CD’s and DVD’s and now they are now available on cloud storage.
  2. Back then, they have hard drives that are as small as 128mb, now there are hard drives (both external and internal) that are about as big as 2tb.
  3. Back then, laptops are essentially smaller desktop that people have to carry, but now people have an all-in-one machine to act as a computer.

There are 3 major benefits that computers have that effects businessess in a positive way:

  1. They can use software like Dropbox or Google Drive to store work papers.
  2. They can use copy and paste a previous work to tweak it a bit instead of writing it all over again.
  3. Large storage devices are a great way for businessess to save space on their computers.

Image from Wikipedia

Barcodes are lines of code to determine the name and price of a certain product. There are 3 ways we can use them:

  1. We can use them for product identification.
  2. We can use them for advertising.
  3. We can use them on food to track the food intake.

Image from

QR codes – a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.

There are 3 different uses for it:

  1. They can be used as a way to redirect to the products URL.
  2. They can be used to tag your personal belongings.
  3. They can be used to look for a certain place around the world.

Learning Outcome 2 – Digital Media Technology in organizations.


Image from

Digital media helps businessess in 3 ways:

  1. Employers can have meetings with their employees through the likes of Skype.
  2. They can also interview potential new staff through Skype aswell.
  3. You dont have to redo any text work, you can just copy and paste it to a different page and give it some corrections.


E-commerce – a site that involves the use of money. – a bank site that allows you to manage your bank account from your home. – a place where you can purchase things online

  1. You can manage your bank account (depending on the bank) from your home.
  2. You can buy things without leaving home.
  3. You need to have the neccessary hardware to do this process.


E-government – a site that involves information that helps the citizen – a site that helps people who are temporarily jobless or have a disability to have any sort of income. – a site about the post office.

  1. If you are immergrating from another country, the information that is given may be useful.
  2. You can get useful information that will help you in the future.
  3. You can apply for jobs, part time or full time.


E-learning – – an online education site. – a fun site about maths.

  1. You can learn things with the click of a button.
  2. You can learn things without having to go anywhere.
  3. You can find interesting facts with the click of a button.


Communication – the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.

E-commerce – a site that involves the use of money.

Queries – a question, especially one expressing doubt or requesting information.

Copy-and-paste – To make a copy of a file, folder or selected text in another location.

Productivity – the state or quality of being productive.


How Digital media technology can be used for personal entertainment and convenience.


Image from

They’re many ways uses for a phone. They can be used to make phone calls to other people. So you don’t have to go somewhere to meet your friends, you can just call them or text them. However, doing so requires credit to be inserted in your phone, which can be quite inconvenient for some. You can call or text message them anywhere. They can be used for social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can be used for post information online, whether it is funny or very important. The only caveat that you need to take into concideration is that it requires an internet connection that is wireless. They can also use it as a MP3 player, meaning that they dont have to get an actual MP3 player for music because apps like Spotify and Itunes fit the bill really well. It also requires a wireless internet connection for the likes of both Spotify and Itunes. You can use Spotify for free (although it is extremely limited on the phone versions) but you can buy a subscription to get rid of the ads. They can be used as photo or video cameras. After you capture a photo or record a video, the photo or video will automatically be placed onto the phone via a memory card (most notably a SD card). You can also play games on your phone, although it is rather minimal. The most popular genre of games for mobile devices are either endless runners or simple puzzle games. My favourites include Temple Run, Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride, etc.

Those are the many uses of a mobile phone.

There are many more uses of a computer than a mobile device. They are the primary system to use for internet browsing. They can be used for group chats with programs such as Skype or the facebook chat function. They are superior systems when it comes to gaming. The most famous program when it comes to PC gaming is Steam, which allows users to buy PC games at a stable price or on a cheap deal. It can be used offline or online, though offline is rather limited. They can be used as video or photo editors, with programs like Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro and Photoshop fitting the bill well.