How Digital media technology can be used for personal entertainment and convenience.


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They’re many ways uses for a phone. They can be used to make phone calls to other people. So you don’t have to go somewhere to meet your friends, you can just call them or text them. However, doing so requires credit to be inserted in your phone, which can be quite inconvenient for some. You can call or text message them anywhere. They can be used for social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can be used for post information online, whether it is funny or very important. The only caveat that you need to take into concideration is that it requires an internet connection that is wireless. They can also use it as a MP3 player, meaning that they dont have to get an actual MP3 player for music because apps like Spotify and Itunes fit the bill really well. It also requires a wireless internet connection for the likes of both Spotify and Itunes. You can use Spotify for free (although it is extremely limited on the phone versions) but you can buy a subscription to get rid of the ads. They can be used as photo or video cameras. After you capture a photo or record a video, the photo or video will automatically be placed onto the phone via a memory card (most notably a SD card). You can also play games on your phone, although it is rather minimal. The most popular genre of games for mobile devices are either endless runners or simple puzzle games. My favourites include Temple Run, Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride, etc.

Those are the many uses of a mobile phone.

There are many more uses of a computer than a mobile device. They are the primary system to use for internet browsing. They can be used for group chats with programs such as Skype or the facebook chat function. They are superior systems when it comes to gaming. The most famous program when it comes to PC gaming is Steam, which allows users to buy PC games at a stable price or on a cheap deal. It can be used offline or online, though offline is rather limited. They can be used as video or photo editors, with programs like Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro and Photoshop fitting the bill well.


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