Digital Media Learning Outcome 2 – Using a Digital Camera

I have learned how a camera works. The way a camera works is that you click a button, the apeture opens up and lets light in. The amount of light creates an image through the sensor on the camera.

We also learned about the advantages of digital cameras over film cameras.

  • You can fit 1000s of pictures onto a memory card
  • Preview your photo instantly.
  • No waiting time.
  • Editable in Photoshop.

We learned about camera maintenence. We did things like taking the battery, lens cap and SD card out and put it back in. With the battery, we learned how to plug the battery in the charger.

I have learned about the different types of lenses in a camera. These are Telephoto lens (which takes pictures from a distance), Fisheye lens (which makes the world tiny) and wide angle lens (which widens the sides). We also learned about different types of photography. These are light streaking (trails of light in a picture), drone photography (aerial photography), long exposure (taking a photo that adds additional seconds of timelapse footage) and macro photography (taking detailed photos of tiny things). We also learned about the difference between timelapse and stop motion. We also given some tips on photo taking. We were told to use our legs, taking a picture at a low or high angle, placing the subject off-centre, the rule of thirds and asking for permission.

For our project, we did light painting and made various photos with it. These are my photos.


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