Digital Media Learning Outc0me 10 – Copyright.

Today, I have learned about copyright and how it effects the media in a positive and negative way.

There are 4 main acts of copyright in place in Ireland. Those are:

  • Copyright and Related Rights Act (2000, 2004)
  • Data Protection Act (1988, 2003)
  • Defamation Act (2009)
  • Consumer Protection Act (2007)

It also applies to:

  • Finance Acts
  • Employment Legislation
  • Privacy Bill

There are certain difficulties with enforcing copyright. There are file sharing sites shutting down and coming back, anonymity and among other things. The current copyright issues is lacking fair use, file sharing and infringment. Copyright originally applied to books but is now also applied to movies, music, etc.

This is the symbol for copyright:



Image from

Copyright lasts on average for 70 years.

This is the symbol for Creative Commons:


Image from

There are some advantages and disadvantages of copyright in relation to digital media. It protects the artist work and keeps it from others from stealing it. However, it can be frustrating for people who want to remix it for non profitable purposes.

When you give your personal details to an organization or to an individual, they have the duty to keep the information safe and sound. This is know as data protection.

A data controller is a person who (either alone or jointly or in common with other persons) determines the purposes for which and the manner in which any personaldata are, or are to be, processed.

A data processor is a subsidiary company owned by a data controller to process personal data on its behalf (for example to manage the payroll) is a distinct legal person and is a data processor.

The Defamation Act of 2009 allows you the right to bring someone to court for publishing false information online and sue the for an undisclosed amount.

The Consumer Protection Act of 2007 allows the individual to ask for a refund if the product they purchased has been false advertised or broken upon arrival.

Many business have something called an IAUP which blocks business computers from visiting sites like Facebook and NSFW sites.


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