Coolmine Industrial Go Karting

The centre is thinking about doing go karting beside the Dublin Airport but the date has not been announced just yet.


Kart City Raceway Track

Image from


Go Karting is racing in miniature karts usually around a track that is not complex and easy to understand. The karts are at a similar speed to each other and you have to try your best to race to the finish in first place. This isn’t like Mario Kart. There are no items like the mushroom and the banana to help you out. This is all real life stuff with no items involved whatsoever. We don’t know what the winner receives as a prize in the event but we are hoping it would be a special prize. I mean why wouldn’t it be, it only makes winning this race more valuable. The prize will most likely be a video game console or something else that is just as valuable.


Here is the like to the place we are hopefully going:


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